Yeayy ! Ade lagi !

March 17, 2013

Alhamdulillah ! Saya masih boleh online ! Yeayy ! Mungkin esok kot yang tak ada . Cun tak skin yang gelap gelita ni ? Heheh . Gambar Chanyeol yo ! Saya ship dia sangat-sangat ! >< . BaekYeol couple sesuai ! Memang saya suka kedua-duanya ! Wahhhh !!
Saya siarkan tentang Chanyeol ! Look down !
Meet Park Chanyeol, the newest international music sensation. Known primarily as the lead vocalist and rapper of the Korean-Chinese boy band Exo, Chanyeol has won over millions of fans with his upbeat attitude and charm. Numerous fan pages and Tumblr accounts have already sprung up so that Chanyeol’s fans can pay tribute to his pearly whites and constantly changing hair. Here are some key things you need to know about the rising star.

He’s Known as the Happy Virus
The self-appointed “happy virus” of Exo, Chanyeol is regularly seen cracking up and goofing around with his bandmates when out on the town. Chanyeol is also known to interact with his fans and is constantly thanking them for their love and support. It’s easy to see how he has earned the title of the happy virus, and the nickname has quickly spread amongst his fans.

He Has a Reverse Voice
Don’t let his looks fool you. Chanyeol may look like the ultimate boy-band member, but he’s actually a talented rapper. He has described his talent as a“reverse voice” because his “deep, manly” vocals contrast with his “pretty look.” He has also named rapper Eminem as one of his musical role models.

He Has Ever-changing Hair
The most consistent thing about Chanyeol is definitely his smile. The least consistent thing? His hair. With a different style almost every week, Chanyeol has rocked more locks than Katy Perry. Hence the many Tumblr accounts completely dedicated to his hair to keep track of all of his different looks.
November 27 is His Birthday
Chanyeol hits the ripe age of 20 on Nov. 27, so it’s not too late to wish him a happy birthday. The best way to do it?


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