Snap snap snap !!
posted by Zakiah Akma April 05, 2013 0 comments
Do you remember me , who was easily scarred , easily cried , easily got hurt ? 
I'm still like that , I'm still the same .
I wonder how will you be when you see me like this .
Even if you easily turn away , easily get farther apart .
I know I won't easily forget you .
If you see me , still the same , still like this , you will call me a fool .
I want and want you - and one more thing . 
I hurt and hurt but still , just once .
Even if it wears out  and wears out .
Even if the tears don't dry ...
If only we can go back to the beginning . 
There are times when I despise the moment we first faced each other .
I'm like this sometimes even though I can't breathe .
If I don't allow myself to long for you .
If , if you ever , at least once in your life .
If you sometimes have days where your heart aches because of me .
If at least once in your life ..
And , one more thing - remember this .
Wahh ! Cepat betul lah kan .. masa berlalu . Salam Jumaat semua . Hari ni , saya tak datang sekolah . Ade hal . ehehe . Perempuan tengah uzur .. mestilah ade p****d pain kan ?? Sebab tulah saya tak datang . Dan , lagi satu , saya tak datang sebab ayah saya sakit . Teruk jugalah . Minta2 dijauhkan . Amin .
Saya nak tunjuk gambar2 yang tak berapa nak penting . Maslin !! Nah ! Gambar2 kau ! *ceh ! bukan main lagi !* . Sorry , Maslin . Tak marah kau pun . Malas nak uploadkan dekat fb . Dah la slow . Tu yang update gambar kat sini ni . 

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