Berry's 1st Year-End Giveaway
posted by Zakiah Akma December 29, 2013 0 comments

Sorry for using your header for banner --' I'm a exostan . My ultimate bias is Park Chanyeol ._.

 - I'm not good enough to speak this thing .  The others that are joining this giveaway ,  good luck ! I hope i will  get one of these thing . So , here are the goods from the owner of this giveaway ! -  *Bad English neh ?*


1. Baekhyun photocards/bookmark from Polar Light calendar.

2. EXO-K postcards (unofficial)

3. EXO XOXO logo inspired felt keychains.

4. Handbanners from 2013 Golden Disk Awards.

5. EXO-K stickers (unofficial)

7. EPOP/KLIK posters (random artists)



  Brooches, deco stickers, mask, tudung bawal, knitted pouch, random plush keychains.