December 26, 2014

Single or Taken: Of course single ! XD

Girl best friend: Dini, Maslin, Naimi & Liyana.

Boy best friend: I don't have any boy bf. But, I have one boy friend but we're not really close.

Nickname: Zie and Zack.

Favorite drink: Teh O panas & Teh O ais.

Favorite food: Fried Rice /spicy/

Last person I texted: Maslin.

Last person who made me smile: Naimi.

Do I have mental problem: Nope.

Something I can't live without: Internet, foods, drinks, home etc.

Last person I called: Omma?

Am I in love: Yup!

Last thing I ate: Spaghetti.

Who did I last say I love you to: Winpeach ? hahahah lmao -.-

Birthday: 10 June.

Cutest boy I like: BTS :3 /i like all of them!/

Cutest girl I like: Kim Taeyeon of SNSD.

Someone I love: Winpeach.

Someone I hate: There's no one? hm.

Last text I said: "Hahahaa"

Super best friend: It's hard to choose among my bff. They're all my SUPER DUPER BEST FRIEND!

Believe in God: I believe Allah SWT. 

Would I take my ex: no one.

Someone I miss: SECRET.

Who was my last crush: Winpeach XD

How many kids I want: 3?

Ever getting married: 0_0

Last person that made me laugh: Naimi X'D

Favorite song: BTS - Just One Day.

Ex you want back: I said no one!

Current crush: Winpeach -.-

Is this year is the best year of your life: Yes!!!

Do you play the wii: No.

Do you like malay foods: Absolutely yes! And, I'm a malay.

How old are you: 99's. 

Would you go back in time if you had the chance: Yes T^T

Do you regret anything from your past: Yes...

Have any piercings: No. My dad won't allowed.

Want anymore: I want ice cream ~

Is cheating ever okay: No!!

Do you believe in true love: Not 100%

Do you have an attitudes: Yes.

What is your real name: Nur Zakiah Akma.

Ever make out in the bathroom: Never and ever I'm gonna make out in there xp

Are you scared of spiders: a little.

Do you type fast: Yes.

Have you ever broke someone's heart: Maybe.

Would you live with someone without marrying them: No -.-

How many couples you had:  0.

Do you love blogging: Yes.


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