BTS Jokes : BTS as sasaengs

August 15, 2015

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#Non-kpopper don't read this unless you know who BTS are.This is just a joke. Don't take it to the heart.

Jin : I really need to get this into SNSD's dorm and get Tiffany's pink handbag! asdfghjkl but first I need to have a make-over!

Jimin : Jungkook..... Jungkook 0_0 ....Jungkook *q* ... notice me Kookie~ /follows Jungkook all day long/

Jungkook : GD hyung! GD hyung! /chases GD forever/
GD : /freaks out/
Jungkook : Yah, hyung! Please don't run! I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! >0<

V : /uses his supernatural powers to catch his idol/ Taehyung wants you~

Rapmonster : /raps/ Uh huh my cool looking idol I really want to close to you, to hug you, to kiss you,to touch you,to smell you and be with you for life!

Suga : Swaeg.
Idol : What?
Suga : Swaeg.
Idol : Ermmmm okay bye~
Suga : No. /holds idol tight/ you're sleeping with me..

J-Hope : Lalalala~ omo omo Jimin! Stop following Jungkook around! He doesn't love you! I DO PARK JIMIN!! I DOOO!!! /chases Jimin/

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