BTS Jokes ; BTS Jimin have jams?

August 15, 2015

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#Non-kpoppers don't read this! Unless you know who are BTS.

Jimin : I have search day and night just to find my jams, but now, I've found it! /hugs the jam/
J-Hope : I"M SOOOO PROUD!!!!!! /runs to Jimin and hugs him/
Jimin : Get off me old man!
J-Hope : You hurt me~ /dances to Hurt by EXO/
Jimin : Meong~

Jimin :  /walks around the dorm with head highs/ I gotta jams!
Jungkook : WHO GOT JAM? I WANT TO EAT WITH BREAD (derp) (Jungkook likes eating things with flour) 0_0
Jimin : I GOT IT JUNGKOOK!! /throw kisses at him/
Jungkook : Ouh... than.... /walks away/

Meanwhile Rapmon : /reading book/ My senses are tingling. And, it's not a good news...

Jimin : I AM SO PROUD I GOT JAMS!!! /runs around crazily/

Jin : It's great that one of my baby have jams /sobs/
Jimin : Thank you /hugs Jin/
Jin : But, you're dirty! So. don't. touch. me! /pushes Jimin away/
Jimin : No chance of that /hugs Jin again/
Jin : /pink shirt got dirty/ OH NO YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG GUY TODAY!!!

Suga : Mm... kay.. /got sat by V/ I'm killing you V!

V : Yay!
Jimin : Yay!
V : Yay!
Jimin : Yay!
V : Yay!
Jimin : Yay!

Rapmon : This is going off hand /searches for Jimin/
Others : It's great you have jams! I'm so proud! So proud!
Jimin : Thank you!
Rapmon : Hold up!! /enters conversation/

J-Hope : Wae? Wa-
Rapmon : /pushes Hobi away/
Jimin : Hyung! I got jams!
Rapmon : That's good!
Jimin : Than--
Rapmon : But you have no jams! /touches Jimin , jam disappear/
Jimin : JAMSSSSS!!!!! /cries/
(Because Rapmon doesn't approve Jimin to have jams!)

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