BTS Jokes : BTS meets EXO {pt.1}

August 16, 2015


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#Non-kpoppers don't read this unless you know who BTS are :) 
And, please don't take it to the heart after reading this.

Suho : Yah! Listen to me kids! -- ASDFGHJKL 
Jimin : /sits with Suho/ .. I can feel you, hyung. /pats Suho's back/ Always remember that if no one wants to listen to you, you can always talk to yourself.

Jungkook : /pokerface/
Sehun : /pokerface/ 
Jungkook & Sehun : /looks at their hyungs/ They're idiots.

Kris : Hey Hoseok, I'm just wondering maybe you know the answer to my question?
J-Hope : What is it hyung?
Kris : Why do they keep on saying I have a deadly weapon with me? I mean, am I that too fab?
J-Hope : /holds Kris'shoulder/ You know hyung... Don't mind them because they're just jealous at us, arraseo? Just keep smiling ^O^
Kris : /smiles that shows his gums/

Luhan : Yo yo yo~ man
Suga : Swaeg!
Luhan : Yo yo yo~ man
Suga : Swaeg!
Luhan : Yo yo yo~ man
(LOL these two are full of swag)

/speaks in Chinese/
Tao : Barbie is the best!
Jin : No, princesses are better!
Tao : Barbies!

Lay : Whatda where is my guitar? /forgetful/
Rap Monster : Hey is this your gui-- fck /guitar gets destroyed/

Baekhyun : Taehyung my son, I would like you to meet my bestfriend, Chanyeol.
Chanyeol : Hello Taehyung! Baekhyun told me many things about you! ^o^
V : ............................
Baekhyun : /whispers/ What will you say?
V : You're not daddy.. /walks out/

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