BTS jokes ; BTS having their monthly period
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#Non-kpoppers don't read this unless you know who BTS are ^^ 

Rap Monster : *gets napkin* *napkin gets teared into pieces* Not again +_+

Jimin : Woah! Is this jams?? Then that means I GOT JAMS ALREADY!! *O*

Jungkook : Waahhhh!! Mommyyy what am I going to do, I got a booboo in my undies ;__;

Jin : Why is this color red?!?! Can this be at least PINK?! =O=

J-Hope : Color red symbolizes LOVE and my love is only for JIMIN!! That means... HE LOVES ME TOO!

V : *green menstruation* (typical aliens lol)

Suga : *menstrual cramps* OW OW OW! CRAMPS GOT NO SWAEG----ASDFGHJKL!!! *can't sleep because of this*