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Maxi dress
posted by Zakiah Akma December 03, 2015 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.

Sejak kebelakangan ni, ramai yang suka pakai maxi dress kan? perasan ataupun tak, memang trending. taktaulah sekarang still trending ataupun tak. Ramai jugak pakai maxi dress mase hari raya dan mase nak pergi kenduri kahwin. Tak nak buang masa, meh aku tunjukkan 2 jenis maxi dress yang makin kerap dipakai ini.


Maxi dress is a fashion clothing which every woman should own as it is a versatile piece to wear to any occasion. It does not matter wherever you go; the maxi dress definitely is the must-have piece for women who are looking for a timeless piece to show off at any age. There are many designs of maxi dress in the market from various brands and women can simply feast their eyes on the wonderful selections. Take a look at two must-have maxi dress that you should not miss a chance to add into your fashion wish list this season.


The Sleeveless

The sleeveless maxi dress is the most loved piece among women as it gives a comfortable feel and perfect to be matched with just about anything. From outer wears, accessories and footwear, you can create any fashion look which represents your true personality. Choose from the various patterns of floral, abstract, prints and even plain ones that suits your fashion taste and never worry looking out of style.

The full coverage

Some of you can also take a look at the long sleeve maxi dress especially if you aim for a full coverage. Whether you are a hijabista or not, this maxi dress design will be suitable to flaunt to work, formal events and other occasions looking chicly sophisticated. Complete the look with a nice pair of high heels or flats and walk out feeling confident as ever. 

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