review: our times
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The film opens in the present day, where Lin Cheng-hsin (Joe Chen) is an ordinary office worker who leads a stressful life. Her name, "Cheng-hsin", literally means "sincere of heart", reflecting her hardworking nature which often gets her ridiculed by her younger subordinates. Dejected, she listens to a cassette recording of an old Andy Lau song. This brings her back to her high school days, when she was an ordinary high school girl, who idolised Lau and lived a simple, carefree life. She had a crush on Ouyang Fei-Fan, (Dino Lee), the school's most popular male student, and had two good girl friends.
One day, 17 year old Lin (Vivian Sung) receives a chain letter, warning her of impending doom if she does not pass the message on. Naively, she passes it on to Hsu Tai-yu (Darren Wang), the school's notorious gangster boss, her math teacher and Tao Min-min (Dewi Chien), the school's most popular girl. While Tai-yu reads the letter, he gets hit by a car. After weeding out the letter's sender, the angry Tai-yu makes Cheng-hsin his 'friend' and forces her to run errands for him in exchange for leaving Ouyang alone, thus making her his errand-girl.
By chance, Cheng-hsin accidentally overhears a conversation between Min-min and Ouyang and discovers that they are in a secret relationship. Dejected, she creates an alliance with Tai-yu, who likes Tao Min-min, to break the couple up. Throughout the course of events, Cheng-hsin and Tai-yu begin to understand each other better, and their friendship evolves as they began to learn a thing or two about true love. Eventually, they develop feelings for each other.
Tai-yu later discovers that he has a blood clot in his brain, caused by the car accident and further exacerbated by his frequent brawling and falls. His parents decide to send him overseas, leaving Cheng-hsin with no way to contact him in an era without social media.
18 years later, Cheng-hsin leaves her unhappy job and relationship upon having rediscovered herself. She is still unable to book a ticket to an Andy Lau concert that is set to take place in Taipei, but fate intervenes and allows Lau to act as the means by which Lin Cheng-hsin and Hsu Tai-yu (Jerry Yan) are reunited as adults.
zaza's review; [9/10] MOVIE NI SERIUS DAEBAK!!! dah banyak kali aku menangis disebabkan taiyu. memang recommend gila movie ni dekat korang! movie ni dia ala-ala movie orang lama. movie ni dah lama ditayangkan. tak silap 2015 waktu aku form 4. lepas tengok movie ni kan, memang korang rasa tak puas dengan ending dia macam saya ni ha T^T siapa yang suka tengok romantic movies, boleh lah tengok. lagipun pelakon-pelakon dia boleh tahan hensem ;) muahahaha. kenal Talu pun masa dia datang Mnet Music Awards 2016 tahun lepas. hensem gila! dahlah buat mini heart dekat kamera! okey okey dah terbabas. hehe. apa-apa pun, memang touching scene dia banyak. so, get ready for your own tissue boxes ;)